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A skin gel with 3 purposes in 1 - it’s like magic!

This extraordinary fusion of natural herbs helps promote rapid healing on minor cuts, wounds and abrasions while effectively warding off insects & encouraging natural hair growth. Thomas Pettifer’s Herbal Elixir is truly an equestrian’s best friend. This product demonstrates the astonishing power of nature.

Fantastic for use on dogs as well as horses and ponies.

Thomas Pettifer Herbal Elixir

SKU: 24177
  • If used as a wound treatment or to promote natural hair growth, apply twice daily for a week. If symptoms persist consult your vet. If using as an insect repellent, apply liberally to affected area twice daily. Ensure product does not enter the eyes. As per any new product, perform a test patch prior to use to check for sensitivity.

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