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We offer an In-Store Equine and Pet Laundry Service for all your washing needs.

We can wash, reproof and repair all your rugs/boots/numnahs and pet beds. All washing/repairs are completed in house, so your rug arrives with us it does not leave until you collect it again. Complete peace of mind.

Rugs can be dropped in store at any time and we aim to turnaround in 7 days. Please be aware rug washing is paid for on drop off and repairs are due on collection.

We have rug collection points, which are constantly being added to so please get in touch if there is an area you'd like us to add!

Kelso - LC Eventing at Over Roxburgh - Monthly Collections

Milfield - Northern Trader Country Store - Fortnightly Collections

Please ensure when dropping off rugs at a collection point, you let us know that they are there, also please ensure all rugs are clearly marked with a name, contact number and what you would like done including repairs.

Please get in touch if you would like a price for any other items.

Rug Washing Price List

Turnout Rug Wash & Proof -   - £20

(Including necks/hoods)

Lightweight Turnout Wash & Proof - £15.00

(Zero fill only - Any size - Including Waterproof backed fly rugs)

Turnout Rug Wash Only - - £14

(Including necks/Hoods)

Stable Rug Wash - £14

(Including necks/hoods)

Fleece/Cooler - £9

Fly Rug and Sweet Itch Rugs - Any Size - £12

Numnah/Saddle Cloth/Exercise Sheet - £4.00

Travel Boots (Set of 4) - £6

Pet Beds

Small/Medium - £7 

Large - £9 

XL - £12